₹ symbol accepted on 15th July 2010

₹ symbol accepted on 15th July 2010

rupees symbol png 26⟨₹⟩ Symbol accepted on 15th July

Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam is an Indian academic and designer noted for his design of the Indian rupee sign. His design was selected from among five short listed symbols. According to Kumar, the design is based on the Indian tricolor.

The First Indian Paper Note

The First Rupee in India was introduced by Sher Shah Suri & The Bank of Hindustan issued the first paper note. During his five-year rule from 1540 to 1545, Sher Shah Suri set up a new civic and military administration and the coin was first introduced by Sher Shah Suri during his rule of India between 1540 and 1545, along with Mohur the gold coin and Rupiya the silver coin.


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